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                IIMM 尹默,独立、知性、艺术,中国高级时装品牌。 致力于为当代女性提供独特风格且高品质的着装体 验,塑造刚柔并济的风格美学。 主张将艺术灵感注入时装风貌,用艺术语言对话生 活态度,唤醒独立女性的自我意识。

                在品牌独特▃气质与审美的塑造过程中,IMM 尹默 打々造独树一帜的「IMMist 文化圈」。「IMMist」 作为社会精英▓女性群体,拥有着卓然的︼生活智慧与 审美趣味,于她们而言◢「艺术」是生活中不可或ζ缺 的重要∞部分。
                IMM has been committed to creating an independent, intellectual and inspiring brand image for many years. It always advocates using the artistic language to interpret the concept of modern women's quality of life, injecting art into the expression of fashion at the same time. It is based on its brand culture, creating the unique "IMMist" New Amateur Culture Circle, converging the cultural traits of urban independent women, spreading a clothing culture with its own attitude, constantly interpreting and expressing the brand's unique design style and ideology.

                IMM belongs to Anzheng Fashion Group. Up to now,AFG owns five brands,they are JZ , ANZHENG , MICHELLE MOISSAC and FIONA CHEN . On February 14,2017,the stock of Anzheng Fashion Group Limited Liability Company (stock abbreviation: Anzheng Fashions, stock code: 603839) went to public and the financing in Shanghai Stock Exchange.